Signs Your Plumbing Needs to be Replaced

If you live in a home that was built more than thirty years ago, you understand that older homes frequently require enhanced care. Some areas of maintenance in mature homes is often overlooked when a homeowner is faced with a variety of the house’s special needs, but you should remain alert for signs that your Arlington plumbing is aging. By paying close attention to your home’s pipes, you can avoid damage to your home and possessions that could result from leaks and overall failures.

Pipe Materials

Homes built prior to the 1950’s generally have plumbing made of copper and cast iron. Copper piping is still prevalent in residential plumbing systems, although many modern homes contain polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes. Your copper pipes should survive close to 80 years before needing replacement. Cast iron pipes, which are usually part of your waste disposal system, have a somewhat longer lifespan.

Signs of Aging

Many signs of plumbing failure are easy to see. Metal stress can manifest as discoloration or stains on copper pipes. Dimpling and flaking are evidence of possible corrosion. If your plumbing develops frequent leakage, or if small drips escalate into large leaks, this could be a sign of deterioration. The trickle can accelerate throughout your home, causing water damage to your floors and walls. Following any significant time away from home, such as a vacation, pay attention to the color of your water when you first turn on a sink or tub faucet. If the water is brown or yellow, there may be rust in your system. This can be an indication of serious decline, which needs to be addressed immediately. If you notice any of these symptoms, call a professional to conduct a full inspection of your home’s plumbing.

Plumbing Renovation

If your plumbing requires a complete overhaul, expect some demolition in order to access hidden pipes. Many homeowners choose to begin their renovation by replacing only the accessible piping first. This strategy allows the project to be financed in stages, while offering a means by which to reinforce the home’s plumbing system. You might also opt to replace your plumbing in tandem with a bathroom or kitchen remodel. Since some of your walls and floors will need to be torn out, it might make sense to tackle another major renovation at the same time. Restoring your Arlington plumbing is a major home improvement project that can enhance your home and your life.


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